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"Be the Bank"
with Legacy Banking

2-day Bootcamp for Experienced Life Ins Agents

Join industry experts online for a 2 day experience where you will learn everything you need to know to level up your life insurance business. 

Advanced Concept Strategy Training

Top Industry Coach, Jennifer Cuartas will be breaking down the strategies you will need to help your clients to Be The Bank and to implement this concept so that they can eliminate debt by leveraging money like the banks do. 

Learn to Niche Prospect for the Bank Concept

  • Learn the best approach to find the right clients to talk to.

  • Learn how what questions to ask, what information you need, and how to identify inefficient dollars that can be redirected to the clients bank policy.

  • Learn how to educate and present the concept in an easy way that all of your clients can understand. 

  • Learn the history behind this concept.

  • See the script and software that is changing the game by simplifying the process for you to upload the illustration and creates a PDF to share with your client so they can get a 30 year snapshot of their finances, debt elimination dates and benefit availability. 

  • Work in both face to face or a virtual business models

This is not a NEW concept, just a BETTER approach to an old one that will help you to help more people and 10x your agency. 

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Normal Cost: $247
Pre-Sale Price $77.00
Sale Ends 12/7
Course Launch Date

Digital Destination Academy 

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