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Glad you found us.

During the last year a lot has changed. Many companies closed down while the insurance industry was experiencing one of it's biggest years of growth. 

Now is the best time to get into the industry.

no matter if you are a new agent or An experienced broker with an agency of your own, we have a space for you.

we help imo's go virtual as we have been for the last 8 years, Scale their business by providing solutions  

Ready to change lives? 


We will teach you to brand yourself, your niche, to embrace your own style.

Virtual Agency

You can easily scale your business. Work from anywhere. Override all 50 States. All carriers we work with offer e-app. Meet with clients online or on the phone. 

Online Training

We have online training both live and on demand. Receive all training online, from onboarding, closing deals, sales training, marketing training, product training.

IMO Consulting

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

We help people just like you to not just DREAM again,

But to make those dreams reality!

Top Commissions

Start off at top commissions right off the bat. With the ability to grow fast and earn even more.

Amazing Perks

As you grow within the company, it only gets better.


Gain access to quality content to promote your business and run ads and also learn about creating your own content.

Lead Generation

Receive access to a groundbreaking lead generating system to reach new clients and recruit new partners.

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to grow your business on social media and grow your business and brand beyond your expectations.

All you need is mindset.
To learn, to grow, to work hard, and to succeed.
That's how Monarch Agency Solutions works. We help fast track you towards success as we have the best systems in place you.


Some of the client solutions and educational webinars we have done, just so you can get an idea of our vibe.

"I had no idea about insurance and my crash course was losing several family members and friends back to back. After that, I wanted to do something meaningful. Then I learned that this business is all about helping people and providing education. I decided to try it out and it has been an amazing journey so far. I am now one of the top female leaders in the business."

- Jennifer Cuartas

After watching this video you can click apply below and get started right away! A manager will reach out to start your training!

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