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INTRODUCING Legacy Banking by Monarch Agency Solutions - EVERYONE WELCOME!




For Agents who want to level Up!

 Saturday 11/25/23 - 1 PM ET to 3 PM ET


We are teaching the Secrets the Banks Don't want you to know. The same ones they use to CHARGE YOU INTEREST and utilize to keep you broke!


Are you ready to elevate your life, your business and learn the strategies you can implement right away to create a Legacy for your family and your clients?


We will be sharing the top financial strategies available. Plus the opportunity to become a part of the movement! NO NEED TO LEAVE YOUR IMO!!!

Bring a Pen, Bring a Friend and come early.
You will learn from some of the top agents in the country and WILL leave with new information to apply and help take control of your finances. As well as learn all the benefits of helping others do the same.

You don't wanna miss this one!




1 - You are life & health licensed or want to be.

2 - To add solutions to help your clients eliminate debt.

3 - To help your clients pay less interest.

4 - To stop giving your money away to financial institutions.

5 - To have a more stable financial future.

6 - To protect your family and your clients financially.

7 - To have less financial stress & increase earning potential.

8 - To learn the infinite banking concept with a twist.

9 - To empower yourself and your clients.

10 - Because it’s a free event.

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