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March 25th to 29th
9:30am to 12:30pm

Helping communities one heartbeat at a time!

We are in the business of being kind to others and making them feel protected, and cared for. We hear their concerns and we provide very affordable options that they otherwise do not know how to access and we give these amazing individuals and families the peace of mind they need.


The health insurance vertical allows us to help people who need us the most. It is a different conversation than you are used to. And it has a fulfilling outcome. 

Welcome to the ACA University for Agents looking to create a scalable book of business. We specialize in helping brokers and agencies to scale through servicing an underserved niche.


We also specialize in finding solutions for every family so that no one is left unprotected and everyone has the ability to access the best healthcare options possible for the lowest cost possible.


This all starts with YOU. With you knowing how to help these families, why they need it, what it means for their family and doctors, and for your business.


If you are a new agent, or even a struggling life / p&c agent, this course, with the proper implementation will exponentially grow your book of business with our special niche.


What we will cover:


  • What is ACA / Overview of the Affordable Care Act

  • Getting Started

  • Required Certifications

  • Onboarding & Exchanges

  • Expectations

  • Contracting

  • FREE tools we use to manage our ACA business

  • Quoting - On and Off Exhange

  • Taking an application - Completing the enrollment

  • Tax Subsidy - What is it, How to get it, How to Report it to the IRS

  • Managing your business

  • Where to find clients

  • Special Enrollments

  • How we write, on average, 5 policies per person

  • and more...

Doing our part to connect with the community and change the world one heartbeat at a time! See you on the inside!




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