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ACA University &
Agent Resource Center

Welcome to the agent resource center for your ACA business. Like anything you have ever done, there will be a learning curve before you feel comfortable. This resource center will help you to get through contracting, get the answers to the most frequently asked questions, and will get you trained and caught up to speed on all things ACA... inclusive of our specialty niches that will guarantee if you are working it daily, at minimum 1000 new sales per year. 

Before we dive into all of the information, I want to say thank you for making the decision to partner with Monarch Agency Solutions for your health business. I realize that some of you may be adding this as a new vertical, some of you are wanting to scale an existing ACA business and want to increase production and activity, and some of you are brand new to insurance entirely. The great news is we are able to help you no matter what stage you are in building your book of business.

I do hope that this guide helps you in reaching your goals by leveraging your knowledge and allowing you to create and live a lifestyle that you desire, because you deserve it.

Living your ultimate dream life isn't always about the money. It is about the experiences and the journey on the way. So be cautious in what you expose yourself to while on your journey. Know WHY you are doing this. Then work on the HOW daily.

Circumstance will often lead you to the life you want, but only if you find the right solution for what you need to get that breakthrough. For many existing agents in the life insurance space, adding ACA is that solution to substantially increases their book of business. We will get into more of that a bit later.

We put this guide together to give you a resource to get you into this space and knowledgeable enough to go as far with it as your goals may take you.

Always remember to spread love, share kindness, and let's have a super successful season.

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